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6000 Per Hour Chapati Making Machine

6000 Per Hour Chapati Making Machine Compact Chapati making machine manufactured by us can make 6000 chapattis in one hour, saving a lot of time and labour. The chapattis made by this machine are totally home like and 100% hygienic

Specification of Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine

  • Machine - Chapatti Making Machine (Fully puffed) & Puri Making Machine (Uncooked) System.
  • Model Specialty - Auto Flour Coating on Dough Sheet at Both Side
  • Model Type - Roller Sheeting System
  • Dough System - Manual Feeding Type in to Hopper.
  • Operational System - After Cutting Chapattis/Puri Dough goes into The Hoper in the inspection of manpower.
  • Gas Consumption - 12kg. Per Hour LPG and it can be operated with CNG / PNG by Changing the Burners.
  • Electric Power - 6 Hp ,1 & 3 Phase Electric Power.
  • Machine Speed - Variable Speed of Machine with Speed Regulator in puffing section.
  • Capacity - 6000 Chapattis/Puri per hour.
  • Manpower - 3 Person to operate machine
  • Safety Guard - before the die's roller and other necessary Places
  • Thickness System - Chapatti,Puri thickness adjustable.
  • Size of Chapatti/Puri - 5.5" Diameter round Chapati / 4.5" Puri or Thickness minimum 2mm.
  • Baking System - Baking will be in 2 Nos. Tawa chain belts and One Net Chain Belt.